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Album Review in LA Yoga Magazine

LA Yoga Magazine April 2013 Article

Song Descriptions

These will help you to understand the intentions behind each track…

  1. Invocation | 6:33
    This is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra from the Rig Veda, the ancient scriptures of India. This mantra is to Lord Shiva and is used for vitality and rejuvenation.
  2. Centering (Alap) | 13:30
    This is the the alap portion of a raga and is improvisational and freeform. It is ideal for centering, grounding, and relaxing.
  3. Emerging (Jod with Udu) | 11:04
    A steady rhythm by the Udu clay drum starts to encourage movement.
  4. Sustaining (Vilambit Gat in Rupak Taal) | 9:48
    Rhythm continues with tabla about the same tempo as the previous track.
  5. Embracing (Madhya Gat in Teentaal) | 7:03
    Rhythm increases to build energy.
  6. Elation (Drut Gat in Teentaal) | 7:53
    Rhythm increases more into a peak.
  7. Transformation | 10:22
    Cool down starts..
  8. Integration | 8:13
    For final relaxation (savasana)

Free Bonus Tracks

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Free tracks include:

Suggested Playlists

These are some ideas for how you can arrange the various tracks from Awakening, Rāga Bhairav in such a way as to facilitate different practices styles.

30 Minute Meditation/Contemplation or Gentle Yoga

  1. Invocation | track 1 | 6:33
  2. Centering (Alap) | track 2 | 13:30
  3. Integration | track 8 | 8:13

Total: 28:13

1 Hour strong yoga practice

  1. Invocation | track | 6:33
  2. Emerging (Jod with Udu)| track 3 | 11:04
  3. Sustaining (Vilambit Gat in Rupak Taal) | track 4 | 9:48
  4. Embracing (Madhya Gat in Teentaal) | track 5 | 7:03
  5. Elation (Drut Gat in Teentaal) | track 6 | 7:53
  6. Transformation | track 7 | 10:22
  7. Integration | track 8 | 8:13

Total Time: 60:56

15 Minute Quick Meditation/Contemplation

  1. Invocation | track 1 | 6:33
  2. Integration | track | 8:13

Total: 14:46

45 Minute Moderate Yoga

  1. Invocation | track 1 | 6:33
  2. Emerging (Jod with Udu) | track 3 | 11:04
  3. Sustaining (Vilambit Gat in Rupak Taal) | track 4 | 9:48
  4. Embracing (Madhya Gat in Teentaal) | track 5 | 7:03
  5. Transformation | track 7 | 10:22

Total Time: 44:50

Morning Practice Tips

Morning is one of if not the most important times of the day. What we do in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. Due to modern lifestyle and/or habit, many times we rush into our day unconsciously. Taking some time to start the day in a peaceful way has many benefits such as a calmer state of mind, less stress, and more vitality throughout the day, leading to improved quality of life and less dis-ease.

Upon waking it is helpful to first attend to your bathroom needs. Such as:

  • evacuating the bowels
  • brushing our teeth
  • optionally cleaning the tongue
  • rinsing face with water and/or taking a shower
  • drinking 1 glass of water, warm water if possible

On the extra tracks page, there is a “Preperation” bonus track to turn on immediately upon waking to listen to while doing these routines. There are 5, 10, and 15 minute versions depending on how much time you need.

Once our personal needs are taken care of, it is helpful to spend some time with ourselves. For those that are fortunate enough to have time in the morning, it is recommended to sit quietly or do yoga, tai chi, walking, or any other form of movement. Click here for some playlists to support a morning practice.

For those that have responsibilities first thing in the morning, it is helpful to take even 5 minutes to sit quietly. If this is not possible, then my wish is that this album could be listened to while getting ready, preparing food for others, driving, or any other morning activity that could benefit from being infused with more peacefulness and energy.

It is my wish that this album encourages and contributes to a peaceful and energetic morning time for you.